You are probably feeling one of three ways at the moment; full of festive cheer and enjoying making Christmas start early, or maybe you’re feeling slightly like The Grinch, it is only November! Or maybe you’re feeling a little like how I feel, that you’re looking forward to December to start but you’re still enjoying the November colours and will celebrate Christmas when you’re ready.


We love making Christmas as unique and fun for everyone, one of our ways for doing this is with enjoying a handmade Christmas. Our Christmas shop is now open for you to browse!

I thought I would start with some ideas for your gift tags, I’m sure you have found it easier in the past to simply pick some up on the high street but maybe this year you could start a new tradition with making your own.


Thumbprint gift tags

I always think it’s great to get the family involved and these thumbprint tags are adorable. Also, I really love the idea of Christmas sheep! These could easily be used all year round with different animals. You could take this idea onto your greetings cards too.


Honest Christmas Tags

Buying presents can be really stressful, sometimes you just have no idea what people will want and/or like. These gift tags can help you to get through the uncomfortable awkwardness of gift giving with their honesty! This is a printable so you can print off as many as you need!


Silver birch tags

Silver birch trees always stand out and look interesting. These tags are made from silver birch and they do really stand out. I think they’d be great for Christmas and look like snowy stars. I’m also a big fan of more simplistic wrapping paper, in the article you can see they’ve used newspaper. I like to use brown paper and maps too; this is especially good for the budding traveller gift!


Different Greetings

It can get quite repetitive doing all your greeting cards and gift tags, so this is quite handy for helping you be a little more creative with your festive sayings. There’s enough here to get over being repetitive and some of them work well for emails and text messages too. I know that is a very modern festive greeting but it still has no reason to feel repetitive for the sender!


Bumper ideas for tags

This is a bumper list of gift tags, 22 different ones actually! If nothing has taken your fancy from everything so far, then you’re sure to find something here. There’s plenty of ideas, the washi tape ideas sound really cute and we have Christmas washi tape now available.

Make this year a little different and unique, handmade gift tags can really add a festive and original touch. Themes and colours can be the easiest way but you won’t have an excuse to not have a different greeting for each tag.

You can see more tips about a handmade Christmas over on our pinterest page.