• 5 tips for hosting your own Great British Bake Off garden party

    With the summer comes the warm weather, an array of garden parties and BBQs and, of course, the return of the Great British Bake Off! The nation’s favourite baking show is set to return this August, with plenty of opportunities to learn tips and tricks from both the contestants and the judges.
  • We are the finalist in the eBay for business awards 2017!!!

    Well. It’s not every day that you reach the finals of a business awards competition, but a few months ago that's where we found ourselves. It was a very exciting event, and one that we’re keen to share with you, so let's not waste any more time and get straight into it.
  • 5 Pinterest craft ideas for the Bank Holiday Weekend

    This summer holiday has absolutely flown by and it doesn't seem possible that the kids will soon be back to school. With the bank holiday weekend fast approaching, we thought we would find some craft ideas to keep the family busy this weekend and of course into the last week of the holiday.

    The sunshine has not been our friend this holiday so we'll make sure there's plenty to do inside too! Lire la suite

  • Your Travel Checklist

    Planning a holiday? Think you know everything you’ll need before you go? Let’s see if we can add any ideas to your own checklist.

    1. Plan

    We talk a lot about planning (we do love it) and you can’t have even started to think about planning a trip without some form of plan. We prefer a written list rather than using an app but everyone is different. I have used a traveller’s notebook to plan our family summer holiday, it’s easy to grab when I suddenly think of something to write down. Writing lists will become a formality when you need a packing list for all the family! Lire la suite

  • Our July Giveaway!

    It was about time that we had a giveaway so pop over to our Facebook page and join in the fun. Entries posted on this blog will not count.


  • 5 Activities to do this Summer

    Summer seems to finally be here now in the UK and we are busy planning our summer holidays. Have you planned yours? Here's a few of our ideas that can help you plan the best summer for you and your family.
  • 5 Father's Day Gift Ideas

    This year Father's Day is on Sunday the 18th of June. Have you planned your gifts yet? We've come up with some ideas that might help you decide.

    Personalised Gifts

    There are many gift companies now offering many gifts to be personalised either with a simple "Dad" or on other items they allow a much longer personalised touch. Think about your Dad's hobbies and what he might like personalised. A popular choice normally involves their favourite sport. Football, golf and F1 offer a great deal of merchandise that can be personal and at this time of year, companies are very used to any requests. Lire la suite

  • 5 Popular Wedding Trends Right Now!

    One of the first things when you're planning your wedding is to think about the cost. Everything soon escalates if you're not keeping an eye on your wedding budget. Whether you choose to use a wedding planner or to plan your own wedding yourself, you need to keep a record of all the spending. But onto more fun things for planning your special day. We've picked 5 trends that are really popular at the moment and they seem to be for the next year or so!
  • Make a handmade card for Mother's Day

    So where do you go for ideas? We've put together a list of where we find inspiration for our crafting ideas but in particular of course, for Mother's Day.
  • Five birthday party ideas

    I love parties and I love birthdays too, maybe not so much my own as I get older but I love to make birthdays special. Here are five of my favourite themes for birthday parties.

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