Planning a holiday? Think you know everything you’ll need before you go? Let’s see if we can add any ideas to your own checklist.

1. Plan

We talk a lot about planning (we do love it) and you can’t have even started to think about planning a trip without some form of plan. We prefer a written list rather than using an app but everyone is different. I have used a traveller’s notebook to plan our family summer holiday, it’s easy to grab when I suddenly think of something to write down. Writing lists will become a formality when you need a packing list for all the family!

2. Passport

Do you know where it is? Is it in-date? If both, of those you can answer yes to then brilliant. If not, get it sorted before you go obviously but get this done as a priority. If you need any visa’s for your trip then make sure these are planned and applied for straight away. Check with your doctor if you need any injections before you travel too, depending on where you are going.

3. Travel Insurance

This is something that might take a little of you planning time. Many comparison websites will give you the best quotes but sometimes asking family and friends who they use can be more helpful for a more direct review. Remember to check if your bank or building society offers any cover, some already comes included.

4. Luggage allowance

Check with your carrier to find out how much you’re allowed to take with you. Remember that you need to come back with the same allowance so invest in some digital scales that you can use whilst you’re away. Check with the place you are staying in for their facilities, most places now have hairdryers so there is no point taking your own. Only pack what you really need to take, toiletries can be bought whilst you are out there.

Have trouble trying to spot your luggage? You can buy luggage straps to go around your case. I have also seen people using some washi tape wrapped around the handle.

If you are having trouble packing still though, remember to roll your clothes and not fold them. It takes up less room! It helps to wear your heaviest clothes and obviously pack your lightest clothes.

5. Make your home secure

Before you leave, make sure that all the doors and windows are locked up. If you have any sheds or a garage, make sure these are locked too. A great tip I use because I tend to suddenly think about an hour after leaving the house “Did I shut the front door?” or “Did I leave the oven on?” is to take a photo of your oven so you can see all the dials are switched to off and then a photo of your front door when you’ve locked it. It’s great for anxiety and you don’t need any distractions when you’re off on your holidays. Tell a neighbour or family member that you are going away and ask that they just keep an eye on the house whilst you’re away.

6. Plan your trip to the airport

You will have read when you need to check-in at your airport, sometimes this can be done online before you’ve even left home but you still need to be there in enough time! If you have a night-time flight, just make sure you check for any night roadworks as these frequently happen and can close the most direct routes. If you prefer to book a taxi, remember to book this in time and not panic at the last minute trying to find a number.

7. Travel Money

Going abroad means you’ll need some different currency, if you are planning in advance then it could be best to buy this whenever you see a good price. If it’s somewhere you are planning to go frequently, then you can keep buying it whenever you see it at a good price. When you are travelling with money abroad, try to keep it with you in smaller amounts and keep it with you always. Watch out for pickpockets too.

8. Backpacks for the kids

Another lifesaver idea is that I let the kids choose new backpacks for holidays. They seem more eager to carry them when they have chosen them. If you’re going on a long flight, you can put some activity books, stickers and small games for them to play. Include some snacks too. This will help you not have to carry all their stuff as well as your own, it’s also a great way for them to feel involved.

9. Call your bank

If you are travelling abroad make sure that you tell your bank that you are going away. They will stop your card if suddenly your card and account starts getting used abroad. Let them know when you will be away and when you will be back too.

10. Car Hire

Another thing for your list – do you need to hire a car? The same as with travel insurance you can shop around but reviews from people you trust might be more helpful. Consider things that matter to your needs, car sizes and price vary significantly. Think about what your family needs and see if you can take a smaller car than maybe what you currently have at home to save money.

11. Pet Care

Have any pets that will need to be looked after whilst you are away? You might have a neighbour or family member who will pop in but you might need to look for a kennel for the time you’re away. Another thing for your list!

You will need a list ?
Have a fab time on your holiday and be sure to take lots of photos!