Finals In The eBay Business Awards - Our Story

Well. It’s not every day that you reach the finals of a business awards competition, but a few months ago that's where we found ourselves. It was a very exciting event, and one that we’re keen to share with you, so let's not waste any more time and get straight into it.


So, what's happened?

A few months ago, eBay ran a competition which was designed to get people and business who had a great story to tell out there in the public eye. They were looking for small companies who had something extra unique to offer. There were entries sent in from all over the country. Not only was there small business from all corners of eBay, but there was also brick and mortar shops who were about to take their first steps to an online presence. There were a lot of different ideas and concepts, and they were all judged by a panel of the eBay team, including Rob Hattrell, who is the Vice-Director of eBay in the UK.


Our Entry

As a small family run business, providing craft and party supplies, we saw the chance to get our colourful unique products promoted by eBay themselves and it was too good a chance to miss! So, with the promise of help from eBay to get noticed, and a potential £5000 reward, we signed up.


To our surprise, the competition went well. A lot of people were as intrigued about the competition as we were, which is why there were a lot of entries. And guess what? We made it to the finals! It was great to make it as far as we did, and we won! But regardless of how we could have ended up, it was still a very exciting time nonetheless. To be able to have come that far in the competition and to have been a part of such a great event was extremely pleasing.


Overall, the event was a lot of fun to participate in, and we’re very happy to have gotten as far as we did. Obviously, we're happy to have won, and that’s great. What remains is that we have had a good time with this and have seen the positive effect that this has had on small businesses. They’ve been brought into the light and showcased to the public, which will definitely help them. Hopefully, there will be more competitions like this, so that everyone can get their rightful chance to shine and prove that they can offer people a unique and incredible product.