We go on about making handmade items quite a bit but that's because we know how lovely it is to receive a card that's been specially made for you. Mother’s Day in the UK is on Sunday the 26th of March and it's about now that you need to start thinking about what you want to give her. Personally I'm a fan of anything that involves putting my feet up for a few hours and curling up with a new book. Just some peace and quiet would be good!


So where do you go for ideas? We've put together a list of where we find inspiration for our crafting ideas but in particular of course, for Mother's Day.



Martha Stewart

Her website is full of ideas for everything that life could ever need you to know – almost! Her selection of handmade card ideas range from sewing ideas, tissue paper flowers and adding a photo to your card. Click on her name above to see some of the most popular ones on her website.




You know how much we love Pinterest and it's great for finding new ideas for handmade items. There's a load of handmade card ideas on there too. You'll find a lot more child friendly options here too, I love the handprint cards. Click on Pinterest to see all the latest Mother’s Day ideas. Don't forget to follow us on pinterest too!




Written how-to’s and photos of making the card that you most want to make can be good but sometimes it's best if you can actually watch this being done. YouTube provides accessible content and the ability to pause the video as you're following along really helps to make the job easier. The YouTube search facility is pretty good for finding related content but you might find that people you regularly subscribe to might also have a few videos of this type in the lead up to the day.



Real Simple

Not strictly all cards but the 6 handmade cards and craft ideas in the link above from Real Simple are super cute. I really love the Memory Links and the Fortune Teller ideas. These are suitable for any age to make really, obviously some help will need to be given to younger children. Quite like the idea of using some of these ideas for other occasions too!



Washi Tape Handmade Card

Whilst looking on Pinterest for your card ideas you might come across quite a few ideas using washi tapes. Obviously, this is something we absolutely love to use in our crafting projects but the above link has a really easy way of using washi tape on your card. I really like the way they've used different colours of washi tape on it and how good it all looks together. We've all got a stash of washi tape that this would be great for!


That's our list of inspiration for finding our own handmade card ideas for Mother’s Day. Be sure to check out the website for even more crafting ideas.