It doesn't feel that long ago since I was writing about the beginning of Autumn. Now, I'm here writing about one of my favourite parts of Autumn - Halloween.


It's isn't as a big a thing as it is in America but every year here it has taken on a bit more. Just before the shops get full of Christmas gifts, there's aisles of Halloween sweets, fancy dress outfits and decorations.

Maybe you're planning your own party, I love these Halloween decor ideas which work well for parties or adding a bit of attention to your home for trick or treating. Also I love this Halloween candy bark, I've loved seeing this chocolate bark idea expand especially over the last year or so. There are already some great Christmas ideas. Also will love to make these little pumpkin lollies. Whatever you decide to do, there's easy ways to get involved at little cost.


If you are planning a party, have you thought about some Halloween games? This is a great list with something for everyone at all ages. Try not to make anything too scary for children and for some adults too!

Fancy dress for Halloween has definitely become big business, even supermarkets now have outfits to buy. This list of outfits for babies/toddlers is really fab. They all totally look cute!

Speaking of children and not scaring them, you can introduce your kids to some Halloween reading. This list is a good starting ground for toddlers. Some of these I'd quite like to read myself!


We all have our favourite movies for Halloween and this is a great list for kids Halloween films. This is a great list for family time. Get your favourite snacks in and enjoy these movies together.

Of course, you can't talk about Halloween and pumpkin carving. Have a look through this list of ideas for your pumpkin carving this year. Pumpkin carving can be a great family tradition - finding and picking up your pumpkin can be fun! Carving a pumpkin won't be first nature to some and you might decide to just draw on the front of your pumpkin in marker pens. These look great, add a bit of glitter too and you have your own individual design.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to stay safe and always have an adult with you when carving or going trick or treating. Happy Halloween!


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