I love parties and I love birthdays too, maybe not so much my own as I get older but I love to make birthdays special. Here are five of my favourite themes for birthday parties.


Cocktail party

Always a popular choice and relatively easy to organise. You can still add a theme onto your cocktail party, James Bond is often a popular one. It can be fun to create your own cocktail menu or maybe even get your guests to create their own cocktail blend? Plenty of fun for sure and if you went with a colour theme for your drinks then it would bring extra fun!


Movie night with popcorn bar

Movie nights are a fabulous way to get people together and enjoy a laugh (or maybe a cry at a weepy film) together. I love the idea of doing these outside in the summer, getting your film projected in your garden and getting all the comfy big cushions and enjoying it outside. Obviously, indoors is good too. I love the popcorn bars that people make up for their guests. You could also have nachos and hot dogs. Drinks have to be in paper cups for that real cinema feel.


Mad Hatters Tea Party

This is a party choice that people of all ages enjoy. Who doesn't like a tea party? This one can be pretty inexpensive if you do a lot of your own catering. The average children's birthday party in 2016 was £320 and catering accounted for almost a fifth of that spend. Personally I'm a fan of anything with tea, sandwiches and cake involved. There are many ways to decorate your party space for this kind of party too. Playing cards are an inexpensive way of creating some bunting and you could scatter some over the table too.


Time to be a superhero

I don't think this one is age specific either but maybe not everyone would admit that they'd like a superhero party. Pretty sure that they would all enjoy going to one though! Obvious favourites are Spider-Man and Batman but the Avengers movies have seen Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America parties become favourites too.

A little away from the strict “superhero” idea, other favourite TV and movie character parties are Harry Potter, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and also the Disney Pixar movie Cars.

Of course never forget Star Wars!


Everyone wants to be a unicorn

Unicorns are totally real – yes they are!

They've really become a trend over the last few years and pretty much every shop on the high street now has some kind of unicorn design on their products. They appeal to all ages but they are sure to bring some real delight to those still of school age. Us older folk can still be excited by them too! Just look at this unicorn cake!

That's my round-up of my favourite birthday ideas. We also have a Pinterest board with even more ideas, so be sure to follow us there for your next birthday planning!