When you are planning your wedding, one of the first tasks on your list will be about your wedding stationery. You will have already planned what type of wedding that you want and now it's time to design what stationery your guests will be sent. Here are some tips to help you pick the right stationery.



Your whole wedding will have a budget, make sure that your stationery fits into that too. Decide whether you will send out 'save the date' cards or maybe just use social media or email to advise about the date to save on cost. Some don't like the informal nature of this but it is totally up to what the couple wants. With your budget think about invites for the ceremony and if you are inviting for just the evening. There's also place cards and order of service to think about.



When you have decided on what type of wedding that you are going to have, you will have thought about your theme. Some people choose just a colour scheme theme whilst others go for a special theme that means a lot to the couple. With your theme decided you can plan the style of your stationery accordingly. If you choose to make your own stationery, have a look online for wedding stationery invite DIY's. If you are having your invites made then be sure to tell them exactly what you want.


Your style

Whilst keeping in with your budget and theme, you will also want the stationery to say a lot about you both as a couple. If you are designing your own stationery, think about different fonts that you can use. There are a lot available for free these days or at a minimal cost if there is one that you like a lot. Also think about any embellishment details that you want to use, a lot of people use washi tape on their cards too.



Think about the size of your cards, firstly to make sure they fit their envelopes but also for postage reasons too. Also when you are buying your envelopes for DIY cards, make sure they are good quality. Some envelopes are so flimsy and you want to make sure that your card arrives to your guests intact.



Buying stationery from a supplier will guarantee quality. If you are making your own to save money, remember that good quality products don't have to always be expensive. Buy your card and envelopes at a good price and shop around for the best quote. You can buy embellishments, washi tape and other decorations in various places. Be sure again to look around for the best prices and remember you won't need a whole washi tape roll over one card! This goes back to looking into your budget and working from there.

If you're unsure of the correct etiquette with your stationery then Martha Stewart has you covered here.

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