How can the school holidays have just started but they're almost at the end? Where does the time go?


Here are some tips to help you get ready:

  1. Prepare - Your kids have probably got out of their usual routines of getting up in the morning but it might be wise to start introducing a wake up time now so that in a few weeks you won't have that morning struggle to get them up! This can also be a good time to start them having their own alarm clock, less effort for you in the morning and it will help them to understand time.


  1. Shop! - School uniform offers are amazing if you shop early. Be sure to shop around for the best quality and prices. There's quite a few high street deals on right now! The kids might not be excited about going to get clothes for school but try to make it exciting, maybe make it a game to get everything on the list done by a certain time, promise lunch at their favourite cafe or they can choose a day out of their choice. Anything that makes it all go smoother.


  1. Plan your mornings - Getting ready for school every morning can be stressful for everyone. Making sure everyone is up and dressed can be enough! Try and get as much done the night before, any food prep, packing of sports kit. Make the morning as easy as possible. If you've been able to introduce the alarm clock then it will make sure that your stress levels are hopefully a little lower! Try to get a routine for bedtime too, make sure they get enough sleep so that they wake up easier. I know from experience this is not possible every night!


  1. Plan your meals - Taking the time at the beginning of the week to plan meals will save you so much time. It will save you time doing your food shop and will make the evenings organised too. Get the kids involved with the planning too! If you involve them early enough, they'll want to help in the kitchen and you can introduce them to new foods too. All these new skills will help them all the way through life so it's good to start early.


  1. Stationery shopping - You might be reading this as the one who is going back to school, college or university. Make sure that you've got all the pens, notebooks and folders ready. There is so much cute stuff out there, easy to go with a colour theme or maybe superheroes. Matching school bags, lunch boxes etc everything is covered. There's so many stationery ideas out there.


We hope you've enjoyed your summer, even though the weather hasn't always been great. It's been great to watch the Olympics and see that success takes time and a lot of hard work.