One of the first things when you're planning your wedding is to think about the cost. Everything soon escalates if you're not keeping an eye on your wedding budget. Whether you choose to use a wedding planner or to plan your own wedding yourself, you need to keep a record of all the spending.


But onto more fun things for planning your special day. We've picked 5 trends that are really popular at the moment and they seem to be for the next year or so!



Blue suits

Take a look through some wedding photography shots on photo websites or on instagram and you'll notice that blue suits have become the top trend for wedding attire for men. It really does bring more colour to the married couple and photos look more vibrant and fun.

Personally I love that men get more of a design and colour option these days, it isn't always about the dress ~ but it is!



Green wedding decorating is on trend right now. A lot of wedding bouquets now feature more greenery than flowers. I think it really helps the bouquet to stand out from your dress and creates more of a wow factor. Using greenery to decorate your wedding decor does the same.

This trend can start right from the off, with greenery being a popular design for their wedding stationery. Some have even taken the step further again by including some seeds for their guests too. I really love this idea and it makes the wedding more special for the guests too.



Obviously rings are still a very important purchase but there's been a trend for couples to get matching tattoos on their wedding finger instead. There's so many different ideas; names, date of wedding but the most popular on Pinterest seems to be the infinity symbol.



Feeding your guests and of course yourself is a very important part of the day. Many food trends seem to follow more of the idea that a sit-down traditional meal really isn't for everyone's style now. Taco's have emerged as a keen favourite for a wedding food idea. I love the idea!

Another favourite because it moves your guests outside, is to have a BBQ.



Off the shoulder wedding dress

Wedding dresses need to fit your personal style and of course your shape. Recently a popular search for off the shoulder dresses has been picked up by Pinterest. There are a lot more different designs using this style now it's becoming more popular.  As I said, you need the right dress for your shape but if you wonder why you see a lot of off the shoulder dresses in stores - this is why!

Everyone has their own idea for how they want their wedding to be. This is just a small list of some of the popular current trends that you could use. Whatever you decide to do we have our own range of wedding themed products and also a vibrant party section too!