This summer holiday has absolutely flown by and it doesn't seem possible that the kids will soon be back to school. With the bank holiday weekend fast approaching, we thought we would find some craft ideas to keep the family busy this weekend and of course into the last week of the holiday.

The sunshine has not been our friend this holiday so we'll make sure there's plenty to do inside too!

Rice Krispie Treat Monsters from

I love this idea and yes it's another one to keep ready for Halloween but I love how easy and fun this is. Could theme it other ways too, maybe minions?  Lovely idea for all the family to do and eat!

Origami Frogs Tutorial from

Origami has always fascinated me and this looks like a cute way to get the kids involved in this fun craft. It's a great way for them to learn new skills and to show their creations to friends and family too. I'd definitely have to make a green frog!

25 rock painting ideas from

I always loved painting rocks as a child, my favourite was a ladybird. It was easy to do but I loved the colour red, still do actually. This article has a load of ideas and maybe use any good period of sunny weather to get the rocks ready and then on a rainy day, thats the best day to paint them!

Make Play Dough at Home from

I know I used to love playing with play dough as a child and this looks like another great craft for everyone to help with. The end product being that everyone can then make something. I like that this becomes an easy way to have different colours and see where their creativity takes them.

Egg carton fairy house from

Another idea for getting the creativity out from the kids, plenty of paint colours and could add some stickers too to make them sparkly!

I think I'll be doing a few of these ideas over the last week of the school holidays for sure. All of these ideas were found through pinterest and posted to our board here. We are always looking for more craft ideas so feel free to share any of our own in the comments below.

We've had our first interview this month too - we featured in this fab small business chat. Thanks to Liz for featuring us!

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