This year Father's Day is on Sunday the 18th of June. Have you planned your gifts yet? We've come up with some ideas that might help you decide.

Personalised Gifts

There are many gift companies now offering many gifts to be personalised either with a simple "Dad" or on other items they allow a much longer personalised touch. Think about your Dad's hobbies and what he might like personalised. A popular choice normally involves their favourite sport. Football, golf and F1 offer a great deal of merchandise that can be personal and at this time of year, companies are very used to any requests.

Father's Day card

We're always talking about going handmade and making the extra personal touch using your own skills. In our craft shop we have items that can help personalise your card. We have written about craft ideas before and these are easy to change around to suit this occasion.

If you're looking for ideas for your children to make their own cards, then Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas. You can also follow us on their too!

Going out for a meal

Spending time with family can be something that we all take for granted. Father's Day can be a good time to remember those we want to spend some quality time with. Booking a restaurant or favourite pub for a meal with your Dad can be a lovely way to spend the day. You could go to his favourite place or remember somewhere that he used to take the family when you were a child. With the weather improving it helps to make the meal out feel more like a day out as you can sit outside for longer. Maybe go for a walk nearby too. This could also tie into our next idea.

Go on an adventure

There are many days out ideas that are perfect for those Dad's who like an adventure. Balloon riding, car driving and more. There's something for everyone. You could book something that pushes their boundaries a little or you might know something that they really want to try out. Popular days out activities are football stadium tours and of course car driving. You can book the 'adventure' just for him or make the trip something the two of you can enjoy together.


Back to their hobbies and you might remember that there was a magazine they used to buy every month without fail. Maybe about music or fishing, there's many choices. Have a look online at the different offers available. As most of these offers last for 12 months, this could be a gift you could repeat every year.

So now don't forget the date - Sunday 18th June. Quite a lot of the ideas can be finished or ordered before that date so no reason to leave it until the last moment.

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