Christmas is a great time for getting together with your loved ones and having some fun. Whether you keep things fairly small or like to do things with a bang, there's always time for a party!

We thought we'd throw some ideas for your party as there's a chance you might be hosting one over the festive period. Don't forget New Year's Eve too!



Obviously red, green and gold are popular festive choices but you don't have to stick traditional with those colours. There's plenty to choose from and you might decide to mix and match your colours a bit.


Pass the parcel

We know this is a popular game at all parties and it's great for everyone of all ages too. It's a great way to use up the rest of the Christmas wrapping paper, recycle any good jokes from your Christmas crackers and remember to keep some sweets for it too!


Hosting a party

Hosting a party can be stressful at any point through the year and at this time of year, it can be even busier. Maybe ask your guests to each bring a food dish or a bottle for the buffet so that you have less to do on the day. This gives you more time to pick the right party outfit!


Fancy dress

You might decide this isn't a bit over the top for a festive party but you might be surprised how many santa's can fit into your living room or how many people come as an angel. There's always one or two!


Party decorating

Once you've decided upon your colour scheme or theme, you'll want some decorations and party accessories. Order with us for free delivery!


Cocktails or mocktails

Ensuring your party is adequately stocked is ideal but having some ready made cocktails is a great way to limit exactly what you'll need to buy (or ask people to bring). Keep the list of spirit sets down to a few means greater chance of picking them up on a better offer as a bulk buy. Mocktails will be great for the kids and give them a fancy glass with a party straw and they'll be feeling like a grown up in no time.


Gingerbread house competition

For the Mary Berry types this could be a fun game to do as a family, up against other families. Personally I'd eat them all even though they do look so great when put together!


Board games

A personal favourite of mine has to be playing board games, there's so many classic games that you could play at your party. Monopoly, Cluedo and let's not forget Twister! What's Christmas without a little bit of competition!



Get singing some festive songs or you might choose to ban all festive songs for your different party theme. It's a great way to have some fun and have a laugh with your family.


Save on clearing up

Use paper plates and paper cups to save on having to wash everything up after the party. It's so much easier and it means you can get to bed quicker once everyone has left and you won't be unloading the dishwasher in the morning.


Most of all, have fun whatever you decide to do!


Happy Christmas and a Happy 2017 to you all.